Concept Cyclery was established in 2010 when the previous distributors of the Specialized brand realised that the product was so successful, they wanted to have their own showroom to showcase their offering. Thus, the concept store was developed and Melrose Arch was the first site for a full Specialized concept store in South Africa. Concept Cyclery was born and we are proud to be the oldest store and have the most history with the brand.

When the distribution was reassigned to Specialized Europe, the owners of Concept Cyclery decided to continue the momentum they had built with their showroom and expand their operations with another store in Cedar Square. Again, being first in line, Cedar Square was the first store to be developed with a more modern approach and it was lauded around the world for the new look.

We are a proud brand however it is our goal and mission to create homely and friendly environments in our stores. We are actively working as a team to promote a lifestyle around the brand that is inviting and family orientated and encourages any type of rider from any background to be a part of our stores. Even if they are not loyal to the Specialized brand our mission is to show them why they should be by the way we live our brand. However, we want all riders to feel comfortable with us no matter what brand they ride or wear.

A bicycle is a prized procession, we understand that, and we encourage as much interaction with our customers as possible. At the end of the day a huge part of why we do this is the community around the store and the like-minded people who share the same passion.

Being a fully Specialized concept store we stock everything Specialized and if we don’t have it in store, provided there is available stock, we can have it to you in no time at all. We aspire to achieve extremely high levels of service to ensure our customers know that we will always put them first.

It is important to remember that just because we are a concept store it does not mean we only look after Specialized customers. We have the facilities to work on any bike in the workshop and have the ability to get you what you need! Whatever your requirements may be or whatever brand you wear or ride we would love to help you. The end goal is the community and friendships that are built around a store and we really hope to share passion with everyone around us.

Come see us in our stores or on a ride or chat to us on any of our social media platforms. We would love to hear from you!